North Terrace Extension

This magnificent residence on the North Terrace, Adelaide was built circa 1881 and is the last free-standing home of its era. We were approached by the owner to construct a whopping 5-story extension to the rear of this iconic building. The extension stands at over 18 metres high and boasts Alucobond and glass doors for the …

Roseworthy College

Roseworthy College Roseworthy college upgrade, $60,000 ceiling and wall upgrade. New ceiling and heritage cornice.

Garage Conversion – Iona Road

Garage Conversion Garage conversion at Iona Rd, Aberfoyle Park near Flagstaff Hill. We have rebuilt the ceiling and walls and plastered them creating a large new room in a house that was crying out for new space. Better than an addition, because the basic structure was already in place, saving a lot of money and …

Two Storey Home Construction

Custom Designed Home Commercial Road at Salisbury: JML built a large two storey Home to a custom design. Here we see the project, design, planning and construction bought to fruition.