Finding the Right Professionals to Manage Your Construction Projects

When you’re embarking on your first construction project, it can be awfully tempting to do things on your own or scrimp on certain things with the notion that this will save you a lot of time and money. Take for instance construction management.

For any inexperienced property owner, it may seem like a job that can be given to anybody, or an additional task that can be given to someone within the existing construction team. But construction management is not just some add-on task; it is a series of tasks and a huge responsibility that should be given to the right professionals.

Who SHOULD’NT Manage Your Project

Many property owners simply hand over the responsibility to someone who is, more often than not, ill-qualified. Among the most common people that they mistakenly task with the responsibility of construction management include:

  • Friends or Family Members

Unless your friend or family member is a professional and qualified construction supervisor with the required skills and credentials, it would be best to just let a professional building company handle your project.

  • Architects

Assigning the building management to the architect will only cause a conflict of interest, as the architect will have to manage himself in the preparation of the design documentation. Most architects also don’t have the expertise in interpreting building legislation, undertaking inspections, solving practical issues in a cost effective way and dealing with a certain kind of sub-contractors, which are tasks that need to be carried out and supervised by certified construction management team.

  • Owner Builders

With all the duties you’ll have to take on as an owner builder, you’d be stretching yourself too thin if you take on the responsibility of managing the structural development yourself, especially if it is your first project.

Who SHOULD Manage Your Project

When it comes to managing your construction project, don’t just leave it to whoever is around. Entrust it to the professionals here at JML Developments. We have years of experience handling numerous structural projects, both residential and commercial. We can help ensure that everything—from working with building surveyors to securing the necessary permits, to adding the final touches to your project—is done in a cost-effective, high-quality and risk-free manner.

With the help of reputable building contractors in Adelaide like JML Developments, you don’t have to deal with these common building problems:

  • Incorrect custom orders—these scenarios can push back the completion date of the project.
  • Construction mistakes and delays—caused by incorrect orders and unforeseen conditions.
  • Unexpected results—these happen when there is a deviation in the blueprint, thereby causing a different appearance or output than what is expected.
  • Additional costs—incurred during the course of the project and are caused by unforeseen circumstances, such as termite damage, bad soil or dry rot.

Bottom Line

Enlisting the help of reputable building contractors will guarantee a successful project because these professionals have the skills and the experience required to effectively manage the operation. These skills include the selection, engagement, coordination and supervision of trade contractors and suppliers; obtaining plans and permits; reading of design drawings; preparing and managing time schedules for the trade contractors; securing occupational health and safety for all those involved, and many others.

At JML Developments, we can help build residential or commercial structures efficiently and conveniently.  From general repair and maintenance to home extensions in Adelaide, we can assist you in all of your construction needs.

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